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Area 2 Sponsorship Challenge

🔥 Area 2 Sponsorship Challenge 🔥
Attention all Area 2 members, Ontario Youth/Amateurs and Ontario Quarter Horse Supporters
☆ We would like to introduce a new sponsorship initiative for Area 2 in 2024. We know every little bit helps whether it is for exhibitors or for our club to put on a fun and competitive show to start off the Ontario show season.

📣 What is the Challenge? For every $250 you raise in sponsorships, you will receive a $25 credit on your show tab at the Area 2 Spring Kick-Off Show May 9-12th, 2024. $500 will get you a $50 credit!

📣 When is it running? The Challenge will run from now until May 1st, so that we can acknowledge the sponsors online and at the show.

📣 What sponsorships do: Sponsors help offset the costs of running the club and the show (which is in the high 5 figures!), aid in keeping entries fees down and to allow us offer amazing show and year-end awards. We use sponsors to offer class payouts, class circuit awards and show all-around awards. Sponsors make it possible to celebrate our horses and exhibitors and are greatly and truly appreciated.

📣 What are the rules?
◇ Sponsorships must be monetary only (we do also appreciate items that can be given out as prizes at the show but they do not count as part of the challenge). Reach out to friends, family, businesses and anyone passionate about horses!
◇ Individual sponsorships can be any dollar amount but to qualify for show tabs credits you must raise a minimum of $250 for a $25 show tab credit ($500 in sponsors will get you a $50 show tab credit).
◇ Fill out the sponsor information sheet listing all the sponsorships you have collected. If indicated, sponsors will receive recognition on social media, the Area 2 website and announcements/advertising at the show
◇ E-transfers ( or cheques (made out to: Area 2 Quarter Horse Promotional Club) are accepted for the full amount of the sponsors listed on the “sponsor information sheet”

Click here for your Sponsorship Challenge Information Sheet to log your sponsors.

☆ Questions can be directed to the Area 2 Sponsorship committee (, )

Area 2 appreciates everyone that is involved through this initiative and coming out to the Spring Kick-Off to enjoy the result of all the hard work that goes into showing.